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Partial Power Repairs

Troubleshoot, find and repair broken wires, breakers and restore power



Home Security Alarm / Camera System

Would you like a home alarm system without 

all the monthly fees?



​Under Counter / Cabinet Lighting

Dress up your kitchen with helpful and nice accent lighting



​Install New Can Lights

Add some more light to a dark lit room,

maybe over your kitchen counters and add more needed light for your kitchen activities



Install New Plugs

Install a new plug on that wall you always

wished had a plug.  

Need a new plug for Christmas Lights?


Electrical Service Upgrade

Do you still have fuses instead of breakers?

Would you like to be able to run a welder from

your garage but can't because of your small



Install a Backup Generator

Would you like to be able to run your home

when the power is out?  



Cable TV  /  Computer Cabling

Get your Cabling installed professionally and hidden

for a clean istallation look.



Outdoor Security Lighting

Lighitng that lets you see what goes bump in the night.



Home Automation

Use your cell phone to control your:

-- Home Lighting

-- Heat and A/C

-- Locks on your doors

-- View cameras within your home while you're away

(502) 680-5002

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