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                         Home Electrical Wiring Repairs


Do you have an old fuse panel that you would like to change or upgrade to a breaker panel box?  Have you had overloaded burning breakers that have destoyed the buss bar in the panel?  Are you installing new appliances for which you need new wiring installed?  These are some of many common jobs we perform every day at fixed prices so you know exactly what each job will cost.

Many of our common projects

For Christmas we lit one of our customer's Steam Engine he had imported from China. 

Wiring Repair


Hot Tub Repair


Jacuzzi Tub Repair


New Appliance Circuits


Install New Circuits


Install Ceiling Fan


Home Automation

Electric Troubleshooting
Hot Tube Repair

Here we fabricated a complete new top with glass for Nautical Chase's Lake Light House.

Home Electrical Wiring Repairs


Fuse Panel Replacement


Install New Breakers


Home Electrical Wiring Repair Service


New Home Renovation


Electrical Wiring Repair


Security Alarm


Security Camera

Install Light Switches


Install Plug


Bathroom Exhaust Fans


Hot Tub Electric


Install Landscape Lighting


Home Inspection


Computer Wiring


Cable TV

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